OVium provides leading cell membrane protein and bio-information research and development. Wennie Wu, PhD is a proven leader in protein crystalography and imaging with electron microscopy. Wolfgang Kraske, PhD provides expertise in signal processing and bio-information research and development. Exploitation of bacterial metabolisms promise to demonstrate breakthroughs in highly efficient solar energy capture, network distribution and storage for the world energy crisis. An important scope of developments for food production is also at hand.

  • Pathways: Cell signaling pathways provide an essential base for drug discovery and developmental biology. OVium studies the interaction of several pathway categories such as kinase, aceltylase, methylase , glycosylase to mediate cell and tissue behaviors
  • Sequence Homology: Detecting and tracking orthologous and paralogous development of gene and protein homologs provides an essential foundation for the study of protein functional structures. OVium algorithms provide detailed analysis of protein phylogeny across homologous and heterologous chromosome species. Contest specific information based on the cell region and chaperoning provides additional information necessary to posit protein functionality. These techniques carry over from amino acid sequence to DNA and RNA sequences
  • Structure: OVium combines expertise in the characterization of protein sequence phenotypes with MRS, Electron microscopy, mass spectrometry and X-ray crystalography to develop ideal models for proteins in vivo and ex-vivo. OVium specializes in membrane protein characterization by using proprietary MRS algorithms and a fusion of multi-modal characterization techniques