Global Strategy

Demand for global enterprise requires expansion via a spectrum of organic, acquisition and merger strategies. Accordingly expansion mechanisms pose varying levels of risk and immediate reward. OVium process methodology and information strategies drive innovative development in each area of enterprise expansion. As in any potentially worthwhile growth plan there is an incipient intent that manifests to a formal scope with actionable goals. Appropriate due diligence involving extensive requirements and risk analysis justify the maturation of a growth plan to a project. OVium offers a variety of investigative solutions to form an initial profile of the facilitating company or institution which leads to the definition of needed asset categories to seek specific targets for acquisition or internal development. Design and architecture of a solution pathway proceeds from the first order of analysis. To further mitigate risks, consistent pathway analysis during the plan prosecution obviates the threat of unforeseen contingencies.

Overall OVium implements limitology principles to break down large projects into smaller components while consistently measuring the limits of component interfaces to mitigate integration risks. Limitology combines holistic and reductionist principles to compress project life-cycles while satisfying the dynamics of evolving requirements.

growth goal reward risk
brand expansion dissolution
market expansion dissolution
culture expansion dissolution
moral expansion dissolution
intellectual property expansion dissolution
equipment asset expansion dissolution
productivity/efficiency expansion dissolution
equity/exchange rate expansion dissolution
debt contraction expansion
litigation contraction expansion
tariff/tax contraction expansion
entitlements contraction expansion