Green Cloud

OVium "Green Cloud" provides efficient energy distribution and storage solutions. The diversity of emerging energy sources is producing an abundance of green information that when harnessed provides significant advantages in each domain of interest. OVium "Cloud"-network computing protocols amplify the success of essential algorithms to mine and analyze widely distributed and diverse green information resources to meet challenges for OVium clientèle. OVium achieves goals algorithmically by harnessing both messaging network technology and the culture of social networks. OVium uses the latest network protocols to achieve goals, such as web service REST and WSDL protocols and low latency CORBA IIOP standards. Current message routing services ideally distribute and fuse information over network protocols to efficiently achieve algorithmic goals , OVium integrates the latest enterprise service bus (ESB) technology to satisfy the cloud computing needs of customers.

  • Emergent Behavior: As social norms of users develop with media new emergent behavior is also manifest. OVium uses contemporary and advanced analysis tools to identify and shape trends as well harness the ability to identify and shape potential emergent treads. OVium embrace various web service protocols to channel energy to the right customers with brilliant brand development.
  • Protocol: OVium masters a wide variety of communication protocols to harness not only the wealth of information but also the computational wealth of the internet. OVium is well versed in protocols such as JSON based on http sessions, REST for http transactions, SOAP for WSDL web services and RSS for blog sphere. To fully exploit diverse computational facilities OVium routes protocols with topologies of enterprise service bus (ESB) servers to manage complex message workflows with real time or asynchronous efficiencies.
  • Solar Protein: OVium maintain a lead in cell membrane protein and bio-information research and development. Wennie Wu, PhD is a preeminent leader in protein crystalography and imaging. Wolfgang Kraske, PhD provides expertise in signal processing and bio-information research and development. Exploitation of bacterial metabolisms promise to demonstrate breakthroughs in highly efficient solar energy capture, network distribution and storage for the world energy crisis.